7 Anti-aging Solutions

Wouldn’t we all want to stay young forever.  We all want a tight body, one that can do whatever we want without aches and pains, tons of energy, and of course, wrinkle-free skin.  It’s never too early or too late to think about looking and feeling youthful.

No doubt this is easier said than done.  Some of these things are habits we’ve created for years if not decades.  These are all topics we address in my office.  Make sure you get support you need to succeed.  Here are some tips to keep you young.

  1. Sugar Blues.  We spend millions of dollars on anti-aging creams, yet we consume tons of sugar in liquid, dessert, and processed food form.  Sugar is THE food that ages our skin, causing inflammation which leads to weight gain, diseases, and low energy.  Make sure you attend the FREE Sugar workshop on Feb. 25th at 7pm.   (and save money on anti-aging gimmicks.)
  2. Loading Antioxidants.  Antioxidants is the antidote to sugar.  The phytonutrients in vegetables boost our immune system and fights free radicals so that we don’t over work our system (and age!!).
  3. Jumping Jacks.  If you don’t use your bone, you’ll lose it.  Any weight-bearing exercise will help strengthen your bones and allow your body to do what you want.
  4. Musical Heaven.  Studies show that taking drumming class, for example, improves mood and immune function while reducing inflammation.  The lower our inflammation, the younger we look and feel.
  5. BFF.  Make friends forever.  Loneliness causes not only psychological pain but also arthritis, high blood pressure, and weaken immune system (probably due to high cortisol, a stress hormone).
  6. Happiness Rules.  Pessimistic, cynical, and depressed people die earlier than happy people.  So go out there and express gratitude, cultivate optimism, forgive, and savor every moment of life.
  7. De-stress.  The most important: stress!  Cortisol will cause everything to break down and add on years to your skin and body.  Perception is everything.  Find coping skills and balance.

If you need to improve on at least 2 factors, make sure you call me for a free health consultation.  No need to work on these alone.  It’s more fun and more effective with someone else especially when our offices specializes on these focal points.   Let’s make sure you live a vibrant life full of youth and in an amazing body!  (619) 876-2655; www.happyfoodhealth.com