5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Lose Weight on Vacation

Yes, you CAN lose weight on vacation this summer. Why do we all think we gain weight on vacation? Such a myth and worse, we make our deepest fear come true.

We went on our Baby-moon in July to the Big Island in Hawaii. True, because I’m pregnant, I’m actually suppose to gain weight but it sure didn’t stop me from doing all the things that will make your vacation full of fun and weight loss. Here are some tips:

IMG_1606 Enjoy local produce. We stopped by an amazing farmer’s market with live music and had delicious local produce. As a matter of fact, we always go grocery shopping on vacation and only eat out once a day. It’s nice on the wallet and you feel full of energy for all your activities.  We also pack lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts while we are out and about for snacks.




Weight loss on vacationWalk everywhere. On vacation, we do so much walking. There’s so much fun waiting for us; I can’t even imagine gaining any weight. We must have walked for hours daily. Plus, as a bonus, places that require walking to are often pretty empty. Our family/friends always ask why there aren’t other tourists in our pictures. That’s because we go to really cool places that require just a little extra walking. So worth it!!





Vacation weight lossAlways add adventure. Get into your adventure spirit and do things slightly out of your comfort zone or just try something new like outrigger canoeing, kayaking, dancing, climbing, snorkeling, diving, etc. There’s so many cool things to do. Don’t just sit and drink cocktails all day. Add things that make your trip truly memorable. Why not go all the way and make all of it memorable!





Losing weight on vacationRelax. Vacation is about enjoying, taking the time to smell the roses and just slow down. Relax about everything including plans (that may not work out) and especially about food. Enjoy it! No guilt, no food Nazis. When we are relax we turn on our parasympathetic system and that helps us lose weight. Stress makes us gain weight especially around the mid section.





Avoid vacation weight gainBe Silly. Don’t forget to be silly and have fun. Remember what it was like to be a kid and carefree. Your metabolism and body will love you for it. Our head is connected to our body and every thought changes our cells and how our body reacts physiologically. We live once—-be silly as often as you can. (Maybe I need to refrain a little with a 20-week-old girl in my belly though.)

Learn good nutrition for your body without denial and dieting.  Avoid the fad diets and do what truly works in the long run for you and your family.

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~Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego, CA