4 Main Pain Relievers

Pain sucks!!  Absolutely!  But…what if we saw pain differently?  What if pain is our body’s way of telling us we need to make changes?  If it’s physical pain, then we need to start healing.  Emotional pain can also be the gateway to growth.  I’m sure at times, the two types of pain are difficult to distinguish since they can be so intertwined.

Pain involves a lot of suffering and sometimes even debilitating,  preventing us from living life fully.  Not to belittle your pain with board sweeping solutions but we need to start somewhere.  If you know what to do but don’t apply the knowledge, then get some support.  More than 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.  It’s a big deal and you’re not alone.  Get healthy and get happy!

  • Tap Into Your Inner Endorphin.  Our body is wired with natural pain relievers.  Tap into them by moving the body, laughing, making love, and falling in love.
  • Loosen Up.  We are tight and that increases muscle tension leading to pain.  So reduce stress, stretch, meditate, get massages, and enjoy nature for some natural vitamin D.
  • Eat the Right Food.  Food is the most important.  Eating a bad diet only inflames the body leading to greater risks such as chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases, etc.
  • Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep.  It’s so important.  Lack of sleep snowballs into so many other issues.

Changing habits take knowledge, accountability, and support.  If there are changes you’d like to make in your stress level, eating habits, exercise, and overall health and happiness, start with a free health consultation at www.HappyFoodHealth.com or (619) 876-2655. See if this is the right match for you. I do things very differently to make health a natural lifestyle and this is not for everyone.  Check out Yelp for other people’s opinion of Happy Food.

~ Samantha Hua, Nutrition & Health Coach, San Diego, CA