3 Secrets to Easy Weight Loss on Vacation

vacation weight loss

Losing weight on vacation.  Do you think that’s just a crazy concept?  I don’t blame you.  With the constant eating out, drinking, and “I’m on vacation” mentally, it’s no wonder you think of vacation as a time for weight gain.  But….some of you know how EASY it is to lose weight.  Here are some tips for weight loss on your next vacation:

  1. Befriend the Market.  Everywhere we travel, we look for a market.  Eating out 3 meals a day is an easy way to gain weight.  Make sure you buy fresh produce to eat as snacks or to assemble into a meal.  You’ll feel great energy to really enjoy your vacation.   Look what we managed to assemble for breakfast during our Yucatan trip.  Now that’s the set up, right??   (Especially with such an awesome background.)
  2. Fun Movement.  Make your vacation about FUN.  It’s a time to explore and try new things.  We had so much fun snorkeling in these “cenotes” which are natural silose weight on vacationnk holes with the most crystal clear water.  These caves are so cool to snorkel in.  You’ve got to try it!!  We spent our vacation swimming in the warm turquoise ocean, running on the beach, biking to Mayan ruins, snorkeling through several cenotes, climbing Mayan temples, and hiking through the jungle.  That was a great honeymoon!!  We were constantly active, but it never felt like “exercise.”
  3. Happily Relaxed.   When we’re happy, relaxed, and get enough sleep, we turn on our parasympathetic system which tells our body there’s no danger and it can go ahead and metabolize efficiently.  Our body works better on vacation.  You bet I had a cocktail or two.  You bet I ate all sorts of local foods without guilt.  After all, I’m on vacation! When we fill our soul with happiness, our body just works for us.  I know people who say “I ate and drank whatever I wanted on vacation, and I actually lost weight.  But at home when I count calories (and fill my days with stress), the weight creeps up.”  Make sure you bring that piece of vacation back to your home life too.

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