3 Different Approaches to New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!  Are you ready for 2014 resolution?  What is it this year?  Weight loss?  Exercise?  Healthy habits?  Better eating?  Less stress?  More balance?

Are you looking for THE perfect solution?  Look no further.  Here’s the answer:  PERFECTIONISM kills!  This is exactly why you have not succeeded in previous years.  You aimed to be perfect.  True or False?

You did too much all at once and BOTH your body and your head rejected the idea.  That’s why you failed.  You are ALL or NOTHING.  Sound familiar?

So, what’s the true solution?  Here are few different approaches to consider:

  1. Discipline and will power is a losing battle. Learn to tap into your subconscious mind so both the subconscious and conscious mind want the same habits whether it’s exercise, eating vegetables, or generally taking better care of yourself. No way you can ever bet your subconscious which is up 24/7 at 30 thoughts per second.  I never talk about will power in my office.  You’re barking up the wrong tree and guaranteed to lose.
  2. Go slow so both your body and brain get a chance to get used to the idea so that it can enjoy the journey along the way.  As humans, we are hardwired to seek pleasure which is why we excrete dopamine.  It instinctively makes us want to repeat the action to get more dopamine.  Dopamine allows us the chemical to create a habit.  Unfortunately, every year, we subscribe to a DIET which feels like torture, therefore no dopamine, and hence no natural desire to continue the process of dieting.  Learn how to create the right mental pathways with the right hormones for optimal success.
  3. Create reward systems as positive reinforcement.  I noticed in most of my clients  and people in general that we don’t celebrate.  We’re always ready for the next step, next task, next obligation.  What happen to celebration, fun, play, pleasure?  The problem is we don’t reinforce our brain to naturally do all the things we want to do.  Instead, we provide reinforcement for all of our “bad habits.”  I hate to say it but we’re kinda like dogs.  How do you train your dog to do something?  You give him a treat each time he does it.  We are animals after all.

This year, do yourself a favor and commit to treating your body well and doing something that really makes a difference for the long run and not just another diet.  It’s so hard on the soul when we fail over and over again.  Stop the insanity and learn how to retrain the brain to do what you truly want which is to feel great, look great, and never let the shape of your body limit the things you want from life.  It’s YOUR life!  No time to play small.

This isn’t for everyone.  Call me for a free health consultation to make sure this is right for you. (619) 876-2655