10 Minute Healthy Key Lime Pie Cooking Video and Recipe

Healthy Key Lime Pie

Healthy Key Lime Pie

It is possible to make delicious dessert that is both healthy and easy.  This took me 10 minutes.  Don’t feel the need to make it in a pie form though.  You can make it into single servings and not worry about being solid enough to cut.  Don’t ever sacrifice taste for trying to be healthy or wanting to lose weight.

Sustaining weight loss means we have to love what we eat and love how we move our body.  Only 4 simple ingredients in this dairy free, gluten free dessert.  It’s easy to focus on healthy choices and weight management when we limit our ingredients and make this that come straight from nature.  Avoiding processed focus is your key to weight loss.

For a super easy cooking video of this recipe, go to www.healthy-cooking-videos.com.

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