10 Fitness Tips For Beginners

  1. Set Realistic Fitness Goals: This is such an important tip.  It can be very overwhelming, and people are more likely to fall off the wagon, if they’ve set unrealistic large goals.  This doesn’t mean you can’t eventually accomplish a large goal.  But you should think about setting your goal plan to a smaller scale.  For instance, make reasonable small goals that will lead up to your main goal, (such as lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks, or finish a 5K in a month, etc.)
  2. Get Pumped:  Always go back to your original goal and keep that in focus.  Try to remember that where you will be in 6 months has everything to do with what you are doing now!
  3. Get Inspired by Others Success Stories:  Look for people in your life who inspire you.  Watch weight loss shows like “The Biggest Loser.”  Or check out some Fitness Magazine articles.
  4. Reward Yourself:  How do you reward yourself without giving in to your previous vices, or throwing your healthy diet out the window?   It’s called MASSAGE!  It not only feels amazing, but is recommended for better performance and injury prevention!  Schedule one once a month, if you can or, if massages aren’t your thing, maybe another form of rewarding yourself might drive you such as a movie night out, or get yourself a new book, or maybe go to the next tip: number 5!
  5. Buy New Workout Gear: This gets me every time!  Once I buy a pair of kicks, I can’t wait to lace em’ up and take them for a few test drives!
  6. Find a workout buddy:  You are more likely to show up for your Saturday workout if your best friend is expecting to sweat with you.  You are also more likely to stick to a program when you exercise with a friend!
  7. Try a New Physical Activity: Open your mind and don’t be afraid of the unknown.  You may discover new things that bring you joy!  Go hiking, take a dance class, go for a bike ride.  You may love it!
  8. Sign Up for a Race:  Registering for a 5K Run, Sprint Triathlon, or Obstacle Course Race is a great motivator.  Not only are we all inherently competitive, but it gives us a deadline to work towards.  The proceeds benefit a good cause, and they are super FUN!
  9. Get your Mind Right & Lose the Excuses: We have all heard the saying “Misery loves company.”  If you are a “Debbie Downer” you are only hurting yourself.  Eliminate all of those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.  Positive Energy is a major player in success.
  10. “Choose” to be Great: The next time your brain says “I can’t do this” stop and rephrase your message. “I choose to do this” will keep your brain focused on your journey and goals and lift you over your obstacles.

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