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What Our Clients Say

Student, 20, Want to Lose 50 lbs & Fighting Hypothyroid:

I stumbled upon Happy Food on Yelp and calling Sam was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve been overweight for most of my life and since starting Sam’s program, my entire lifestyle has changed. Sam is an amazing motivator and she is not at all pushy. She has introduced me to many new foods (my favorite part of the entire program); I went from eating out almost daily to really becoming conscious of what I put into my body, not to mention my cooking skills have greatly improved under her tutelage. So far I have lost about 15 pounds in 2 months, I am in the best physical shape of my life and still getting better every day. My skin has completely transformed, I used to have a very rough and dry complexion which has become soft and much more manageable with my nutrition change. ~

Noura A.

Designer, 61, Fighting Fibromyalgia & Diabetes

I saw 20 specialists for my fibromyalgia, lived on pain killers, and took sleeping pills for 10 years. After my program, I no longer feel pain and I learned how to improve my health through food and how to control my stress and anxiety. Sam has empowered me to take action.

~Megan T.

Saleswoman, 28, Fighting Migraines, Stress & Want to Lose 10 lbs

When I first started with Happy Food, I was worn out, sick a lot, and eating all the wrong foods. Sam helped me manage my time, set goals for myself, and introduced me to a healthier lifestyle. I am healthier, rarely sick, lost the 10 pounds I had hoped, stopped taking migraine meds, more conscious of what I eat/drink, and cooking healthy well-balanced meals for myself. She’s more than a health coach; she’s a friend that listens, offers advice and wisdom, and helps guide you through this crazy thing we call life.

~Courtney B.

Office Assistant, 23, Sensitive Digestion and Want to Lose 26 lbs

Since my Happy Food class one year ago, I have not only increased my intake of healthier foods, like whole grains and colorful fruits and vegetables, but I have developed a lifestyle that I know I can maintain. I have fallen in love with running – both the treadmill and the beach. I am down three dress sizes and 35 lbs, although I have learned to not obsess with my size (I am not weighing myself everyday anymore!) I feel amazing. On top off all the excitement with my physical appearance, I feel 100% better inside. I don’t get as many cravings as I used to. Eating whole foods has allowed me to feel fuller, faster. I have learned to not beat myself up if I treat myself every once and a while and I have mastered the art of chewing slowly! I have learned the right tools to live a heather lifestyle, I have a new job that I absolutely love and I am getting married mid-April. I am so happy.

~Lauren R.

Accountant, 29, Fighting IBS, Stress, & Want to Lose 30 lbs

The program really made me take a hard look at myself and all aspects of my life and I really began to question some of the choices I was making and if I was as happy as I could be with those choices. With the program I was able to stay focused on the desired end result and accomplish the goals I set out to achieve.

~Staci A.

Web Designer, 37, Want to Lose 32 lbs

I’ve been watching my weight steadily increase over the years. I drew the line in the ground saying I wouldn’t cross XX lbs. Low and behold I would cross it each time I set a new line. I finally hit 221 lbs and said that’s it, I need to do something about it. That’s when I stumbled across Sam at Happy Food. What I like about what she had to offer was there’s no pre-made food to buy, no fad diets, no special vitamins or any hidden selling agendas, simply consulting in private or group sessions. I have changed my habits just enough where I can still eat the foods I love and have been able to consistently lose weight. So far, and this is only one month in, I’ve lost 10 lbs. I weighed myself today and was at 211.6 lbs, two belt notches less and the gym pants tie strings are much longer now.

~Phelan R.

Navy Contractor, 30, Yo-Yo Dieter

For years I have had a love-hate relationship with food. Sam worked with me, stubbornness and all, to address all the reasons I was unsuccessful in the past including; work and life stress, physical activity, boredom, emotional eating, and just plain being uneducated as to what was available to me as a vegetarian. I’ve lost 12 pounds, I am much more active, I’m more comfortable with food (both controlling my cravings and adding variety to my diet), and overall more happy.

~Tifani P.

Business Owner, 44, Confused about Nutrition & Want to Lose 10 lbs

I have been working with Samantha for about 2 months. I truly appreciate her patience and her willingness to listen to the nutritional obstacles that I have encountered throughout my life. She is able to take this information and advise me on how to adjust my diet to overcome these obstacles. I have lost about 10 pounds and have significantly increased my energy level. I give her a high recommendation!!

~Anthony J.

Therapist, 30, Always Tired & Sugar Cravings

Ever since I started the Program, I have energy, enjoy eating, lack sudden energy crashes from sugar, increased awareness of what I need to eat and when. I’ve started eating on a regular schedule, increased exercise and self care, make more tasty food with increased variety, increased art making, and eliminated coffee.

~Cathy T.

Teacher, 49, Addicted to Sugar and Want to Lose 70 lbs

I met Sam at People’s Co-Op in OB where she was doing a presentation. I joined her Healthy Living group, and we dealt with everything and anything you can imagine regarding our relationships with food, stress, exercise and our outlooks on life in general. We went shopping together where Sam pointed out healthy food choices and just about every time we met, Sam had some kind of special treat for us. With Sam’s guidance, I personally learned that it’s OK to be human, and it’s also OK to put myself first, for the first time in years. I have made some major lifestyle changes which were kick-started by Sam’s version of a healthy food cleanse, which I lovingly refer to as “The Full Monty.” I have now lost more than 35 lbs and I still stick to Sam’s Full Monty eating plan about 80% of the time. I don’t think I could have or would have made the choice to change things for the better without her help, and I strongly recommend her program to anyone who is struggling with health issues.

~Donna N.

Tax Accountant, 40, Want to Lose 25 lbs

As soon as I hit my mid-30s, my metabolism went down as I was told it would, but never truly believed it. Slowly, but surely the extra pounds started creeping in. Attending one of Samantha’s health seminars a week before my birthday was the eye opener I needed. I took it as a sign that the time has finally come to be healthier. I am now two months into my sessions and I am eating more fruits and vegetables than ever before. For the first time in five years, I am actually losing weight during crazy tax season instead of gaining weight. Having a health coach made me realize that it does help to have someone who, not only is helping me become accountable to myself and to be good to myself, but also is helping me open my eyes to a whole world of food variety out there. Thank you, Samantha, for guiding me along the right path towards eating healthier, and bringing out the best in me so that I can be a happier, healthier and a better person.

~Gina S.

Intern, 56, Want to Lose 12 lbs and Digestive Issues

I started Sam’s Healthy Living Group and made a commitment to change. I tried new foods, practiced new ways of preparing food, and took the whole food cleanse challenge. My life is more balanced this year. I am integrating nutrition, physical activity, relationships, spirituality, and career. I now walk every week with a friend. I have less cravings, more energy, I am not constipated, and I lost 14 lbs. Sam, you are the best health coach, encouraging, enthusiastic, and you implement manageable steps. Thank you!!

~Zandy P.

San Diego Zoo Administrative Assistant, 41, Fighting Fatigue and Digestive Issues

Just talking with Sam for a few moments, I quickly realized she was an amazing person. I’ve been working with Sam for 2 months now and it has been great!!! Sam has been incredibly helpful, supportive and informative!!! I hadn’t realized that a lot of the digestive issues I was experiencing were all due to my diet and lack of exercise. I had always thought I made healthy choices regarding my diet but Sam has quickly been able to point out a few significant non-healthy patterns, such as the lack of variety in my diet, the amount of soy products I was consuming on a regular basis, sodium content and the amount of processed food I was consuming. I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 plus years and thought I was making good choices. It’s all about balance and knowing that there is support out there for whatever your challenges or struggles are!!! I am looking forward to the next few months and seeing even more progress and feeling even better. Thank you, Sam.

~Donna S.

Saleswoman, 29, Low Energy, Low Self-Esteem & Acne

Since working with the Happy Food program, I have noticed more energy, focus, and better skin. My self esteem is higher too.

~Katie W.

Staffing Assistant, 24, Training for 1st Triathlon

Sam has absolutely changed my life. I made the lofty goal of completing my first triathlon. At first I went to get support with eating for my triathlon, but that perspective changed rapidly after our first few sessions. She is a whole health coach – she has positively changed my health as well as my outlook on life. She brought me simple and yummy recipes to try. She provided food samples and suggestions and isn’t judgmental. There really is SO much I could say about her, but most of all I think that everyone owes themselves a meeting with Sam, she doesn’t disappoint!

~Laurita L.

Engineer, 35, Slow Metabolism & Want to Lose 10 lbs

I met Sam when I moved to San Diego. I started working with Sam with open mind but convinced that I am doing all the right things already. After first session, a big eye opener, I went home and tried to take it all in. Results came at me at the speed of light. By the third session, I felt better, my metabolism went back to normal, and I started to have more faith in myself. I highly recommend Sam as I love every minute with her. She will make you feel like you are someone new and improved.

~Natasha S.

Business Owner, 30, Junk Food Eater & Fighting High Cholesterol

I was not in good shape; I ate like crap and hardly did any exercise. Because of Samantha, I have a whole new outlook on what I should be eating and the type of exercising I need to do. I have been in her program for about a month and have already lost a few pounds, but I think more importantly I can keep this new healthy living lifestyle of mine going for the long-term. I tried NutriSystem a couple of years ago and it didn’t work long term. This time with Happy Food, it WILL stick!

~Jim T.

Business Owner, 53, Want to Loss 40 lbs

I met Sam at a networking event. One of her former students interrupted us to give her a hug and tell her how well he was doing on his new food lifestyle long after his program with her had ended. I knew at that moment I had to learn more about Sam and her healthy eating philosophy. Sam provides counseling for healthy eating and lifestyle habits. She emphasizes enjoying what you eat, eating healthy, but not restricting yourself from eating what you enjoy. I especially enjoyed her positive attitude and making me feel OK when I treated myself to comfort foods. If you’re looking for a great coach who can help you reach your lifestyle goals and have fun doing it, Sam would be a great choice

~Bill S.

Accountant, 63, Compulsive Eater

Happy Food has helped me eat better, exercise more, and have an awareness of where I am and what should be happening.

~Jim P.

Business Coach, 31, Confused about Nutrition and Want to Lose 15 lbs

Samantha is extremely knowledgeable, and she’s the perfect balance of holding me accountable, but also knowing when to have patience with me. One of my favorite things about working with her is that she brings me something to do or try in every coaching session – whether it’s a book or DVD, or even some food samples. Working with Sam is definitely a must for anyone who’s serious about getting healthy… especially if you have specific health concerns that you’re trying to manage or eliminate.

~Karie K.

Grad Student, 26, Food Allergies:

I have food allergies and have seen several doctors/nutritionists, but they could not help me. There were several moments that I was really frustrated and felt down but Sam really knows how to be patient and how to treat me during those moments. She is very supportive, understanding, listens her clients. Every time I talk to her, I learn something new and helpful and I like when she brings samples/books/CDs. I definitely suggest her to those who seek a healthy and happy mind & body.

~Selda S.

Massage Therapist, 43, Weight Loss and Stress

I love Sam at Happy Food. I believe that her knowledge gave me the reopening of what I need to be focusing on. It is a process and a journey that one needs to self examine and take the time to mediate and bring it into a daily practice of blissful harmony of delightful eating and exercising. I highly recommend Sam; she will help you through this health journey.

~Jana L.

Caterer, 35, Want to Live a Happy, Healthy Life

I have been working with Sam for a few months now. Meeting with her has been life changing and eye opening for me. I cook for a living so learning about food was not really our focus, but she has helped me to understand more about making time for myself. I continue looking forward to our sessions together. Each time I learn something new about myself. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to better their life.

~Dawn P.

Business Owner, 49, Always Tired & Need Zest for Life

I have been working with Sam for several months and she is great. She offers a lot of great options, keeps you accountable and she’s very passionate about nutrition and finding the right balance for you. She is a warm and compassionate person, really makes you feel comfortable.

~Shawn S.

Sales Representative, 28, Seeking Better Health

I joined Sam’s group program looking to better my eating habbits. What happened went beyond my expectations and has actually transformed the way I think and eat. Sam promotes an overall healthy lifestyle through education and challenges you to “do” what you learn. Through her program I have quit drinking coffee (which I never thought would happen), maintained a more regular exercise schedule and am conscious of my food choices. Not only was Sam a great inspiration, but my fellow group members provided encouragement along the way.

~Jessica S.

Financial Adviser, 34, Lower Blood Pressure

It has been a great opportunity to work with Sam. She has helped me reach my goals and is extremely knowledgeable about her field. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking to concentrate on improving their health.

~Brandon R.

Realtor, 54, Want to Lose 40 lbs, Reduce Stress, Hypothyroid

I worked with Samantha and found her to be personable, expert (meaning the depth and detailed knowledge of the subject) and her services were a good value. Excellent work at a reasonable cost.

~Vicki C.